Beverage inventory

Scan, confirm, done. WISK takes care of the
reports, orders, and variance.

60,000 bottles at your

Our database includes so many bottles, you’re almost guaranteed a scan-and-go experience. In the odd case your bottle is not there, add it effortlessly in seconds.

Inventory Bottles Inventory Bottles Inventory Bottles

Exact measurements.
No guessing.

Simply place your bottle on our bluetooth scale and WISK immediately recognizes how much liquid is left in the bottle - down to the ounce.

No scale? Visual mode
is for you.

Visual mode lets you quickly pick and count your bottles, faster than ever before.

Split up the work

WISK allows staff to work simultaneously. Take care of the storage area while another employee takes care of the bar — it all updates automatically.

Who Needs Wi-Fi?

WISK is the only inventory app with true offline mode. Perfect for areas of your venue with no Wi-Fi.

See WISK’s inventory prowess in real-life use:


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