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The only beverage cost calculator for increasing sales

Oftentimes, calculating the costs of cocktails and mixed drinks can make your life as a bar or restaurant manager more complicated than it has to be. With our beverage cost calculator, you can get exact prices for beverages that include more than one type of liquor. The drink pricing tool is the most cost-effective solution for your business.

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The benefits of using a pour cost app

  • Recognize costly or unprofitable ingredients

  • Avoid underpricing beverages on your menu

  • Get all beverage costs instantly and in real-time

  • Identify situations of spillage, loss, or theft

  • Plan effectively for purchasing and ordering liquor inventory

  • Create and maintain a friendly-budget menu

  • Eliminate the need for any guesswork or estimations

Features you can rely on to manage your restaurant

  • Pricing for each ingredient in your beverage recipe

  • Instant and accurate calculations for any mixed drink or cocktail

  • Quick notifications about underperforming menu items

  • Inventory, recipe, and labor cost tracking

  • Easy to use interface for smooth calculations

  • Product information with images from a database of over 50,000 bottles

  • Detailed data reports for cost-saving opportunities
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How does WISK calculate beverage cost?

Our beverage cost calculator uses the most advanced formula to calculate beverage costs. In order to determine the price of a mixed drink on your own, you’ll need to measure the cost of each ingredient. This could take hours out of your day. However, with our algorithm, you can count on it to correctly calculate the price of each liquor used in a drink, the amount used, and the price of each bottle. In the end, you’ll have the total price of your recipe to add to your menu (or remove depending on the expense!).

Why choose WISK as your recipe costing software?

Figuring out how to cost a cocktail shouldn’t be a struggle. You should be able to have a restaurant management software that also offers recipe costing. After all, they go hand in hand. That’s why we’ve designed an incredibly powerful platform to provide you with everything you need to manage your recipes all in one place. With WISK, you’ll be able to not only effectively price your beverages, but give yourself time to focus on what matters most – your customers.

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Let us take the hassle out of recipe costing