WISK's point-of-sale (POS) integration: beverage costing, variance, & real-time stock count.

WISK's inventory management system integrates with over 30 POS systems (and more on the way!) to help you see your variance reports in real-time*. With WISK, you don't have to send in sales reports and wait hours to get the data you need to run a profitable business.

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Questions About POS

What is a POS Integration?

A POS integration is a direct connection between your POS software and WISK. With the POS system integration, WISK can pull detailed data directly from your POS in real time. This saves labour hours by eliminating manual POS data entry and reduces input errors.

How do POS integrations work with WISK?

There are two ways to integrate your POS with WISK: An automated daily email of sales/product mix in XLS or CSV format or a direct API to pull sales data in real time. To get information on how to integrate please visit our Help Center.

What happens if my POS does not have an API?

If your POS provider currently does not have an API integration, WISK will be still be able to pull all necessary data as long as your POS can send out an automated daily sales report. From the consumer’s perspective, all variance reporting, cost percentages/margins, and sales data will be presented exactly the same as an API integration.

What if my POS is not on WISK's partner list?

WISK is constantly adding new POS systems to our list of integrated solutions. If your POS is not currently on our list, our team will work diligently with you and your provider to set up an integration. Please reach out to support@wisk.ai and a member of our team will help begin the process.

What’s the main benefit of integrating my POS with WISK?

WISK users benefit from being able to track variances on every bottle/item that they sell. No more manually pulling sales reports from your POS—WISK automates the process and allows you to track your potential losses by comparing your consumption to your sales… in real time!

Do I have to keep my POS integrated forever or can I still use WISK without it?

As with any of our WISK packages, users have full flexibility to upgrade or downgrade plans at any point. If ever you wanted to move to a plan that didn’t include POS integration, you can do so. You can disable your POS integration anytime.

What fees are associated with integrating my POS?

You may notice a small fee for integrating your POS with WISK. Please note that these charges differ from one POS to another and they are coming directly from your POS provider (not WISK). Please see your POS’s unique page for more information on these fees.

How long does it take to integrate my POS with WISK?

In most cases, integrating your POS with WISK can be done instantly. If your POS requires a manual integration: our support team will do everything in our power to make the integration as quickly as possible. Click on your POS page in the list above to see details on how you can integrate your POS today!

Do I need to add my recipes in my POS?

Yes. It’s a one-time action to add your recipes for every button in your POS system. This gives WISK the ability to know exactly what each drink sold is comprised of. By adding your recipes, WISK will instantaneously be able to give you cost percentages and margins for every item.

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The most complicated venues can start their inventory on their own with WISK in minutes. We are talking about venues that have over 1 million dollars in wine, venues that have 800 SKUs of food inventory, venues that have 8 people doing inventory simultaneously, and more

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