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Pricing FAQ

Your most common pricing questions.

All paid packages have a 14 day free trial associated to them. Once a valid credit card is entered, the trial will begin.

Yes. If you are on a monthly plan, you can cancel your subscription at any time. There are no penalty fees for cancelling a subscription. Keep in mind, there are no refunds for charges that have already been put through (e.g. if your subscription gets charged on the 1st of every month and you decide to cancel on the 2nd of the month, you will still be allowed access for the remainder of that month and your access to the WISK platform will end the following the month).

You can upgrade plans at anytime. To downgrade your plan, you will need to meet the limits of the lower plan to which you wish to downgrade. A downgrade button will only be available to click on if you meet the plan limits for a lower tier.

We strongly believe in allowing WISK users to have the flexibility of having a month-to-month subscription. Therefore, annual subscriptions are not enforced. If at any point you decide that you’d like to switch from a monthly to an annual subscription, you are able to do so and will receive a discount on your package (see pricing details).

The WISK mobile app is currently only supported on iOS devices. The web dashboard can be accessed on any mobile or computer (Google Chrome is recommended).

If you are part of a group of restaurants and/or have multiple locations, please contact our sales team and they will work with you to figure out pricing that makes the most sense for your business.

There are no setup fees when it comes to implementing WISK with your business. Our in-app tutorials are available within every package (including the Free plan) and will help get you up and running as frictionless as possible.

You can purchase the Bluetooth Scale following the link: here

If you do not cancel the subscription during your 14 day free trial, your account will automatically convert to a month-to-month or yearly subscription depending on what you selected when signing up your WISK account.

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The most complicated venues can start their inventory on their own with WISK in minutes. We are talking about venues that have over 1 million dollars in wine, venues that have 800 SKUs of food inventory, venues that have 8 people doing inventory simultaneously, and more

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