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Bar inventory control for golf clubs

At WISK, we offer the most practical and effective solutions to manage your golf club’s bar inventory. After all, serving alcohol at your golf or country club doesn’t have to lead to headaches and worst of all, profit loss. With an effective bar inventory software, you’ll see the opposite effect – dead stock will be reduced and revenue will be increased.

A bar inventory app tailored to your golf club’s needs

No matter the size of your club or its inventory, our software will help you cut down on over pouring, spillage, and inventory time substantially. With our beverage management software, you’ll be able to spend less time worrying about inventory and more time thinking about your members and guests. Best of all, if you own more than one club, you’ll be able to manage each location from one device. Performance can be compared and usage can be calculated from anywhere. So, there’s no need to spend any more time in the backroom.

The most useful inventory management features for any golf club

Excel spreadsheets, calculators, and even pen & paper, are all things of the past. Take the next step and trust our bar inventory software to meet your goals.

  • Bluetooth scale integration for weighing products
  • Barcode scanning for pulling up product information quickly
  • Database of over 50,000 bottles to select from 
  • Consumption reports to identify overstock, dead stock, and understock 
  • Sales and variance reports to see what was poured vs sold 
  • Full POS integration for instant data and analytics
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Cost your recipes in minutes

Increasing sales is beyond achievable with our beverage cost calculator. To start, you’ll be able to cost cocktails accurately with precise measurements and prices. As a result, you’ll be able to identify which beverages are too costly and unprofitable. A budget-friendly menu can then be created to give you the best ROI possible.

View variance reports in real time

With full POS integration, you’ll be able to see the difference between what was sold and what was poured at your golf club. Not only this, but you’ll also be able to see it instantly. In other words, you won’t have to send in your sales separately to your POS and wait days (or even weeks) for the results.

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Manage all alcohol inventory orders from one interface

With our intelligent liquor inventory software, you can forget about placing orders and communicating with distributors via email or phone call. Instead, you’ll have everything you need to place orders smoothly on one platform. By having all of your golf club’s distributors, bottles, and deliveries in one place, you can easily keep track of what’s coming in and what’s going out.

Why you can depend on WISK for your club

On a whole, we know what it’s like to struggle with bar inventory management. We’ve worked in all types of hospitality settings and have listened to various concerns. After years and years of research, we developed WISK. With our multifunctional app, you are given the tools you need to not only efficiently organize your inventory, but also increase sales. Overall, it’s time to put a stop to lost revenue, lengthy inventory processes, and wasted stock. WISK is here to transform the way you handle bar inventory for your golf or country club.

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