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Bar inventory management software for hotels

With bar inventory management software for your hotel, you’ll finally be able to take full control of your inventory and liquor stock. Whether you’re a hotel owner, operator, manager or F&B director, being able to effectively manage your wine, beer, and liquor inventory is essential to running a successful establishment. Finding the best method to organize your inventory should be one of your number one priorities. Without an efficient bar inventory system, you could risk losing potential profits. That being said, if you desire a better way to manage your hotel’s beverage supply, our all-in-one software is the solution.

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The perfect bar inventory solution to manage your hotel

From date nights and couple getaways to work outings and corporate events, your liquor inventory system should be entirely organized to meet the needs of all of your guests. After all, you don’t want to have to worry about dead stock, over pouring, shortages, or spillage while trying to run your hotel. Even more so, you want to give your visitors a good impression of your city. With bar inventory management software for hotels, you’ll have access to inventory management, ordering, restaurant analytics, recipe costing, and more. Fortunately, your guests’ satisfaction will be your only concern.

Keep your hotel’s bar in top shape with our liquor inventory app

Excel spreadsheets, calculators, and even pen & paper, are all things of the past. Take the next step and trust our bar inventory software to meet your goals.

  • Achieve a 70% reduction in inventory time
  • Weigh bottles for accurate measurements
  • Scan bottles for quick product information
  • Place orders to your distributors
  • View your total inventory value
  • See consumption reports
  • See your variance
  • Integrate with your POS system
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Receive your hotel's bar stock with our order management software

In addition to maintaining your inventory, WISK enables you to order all of your bottles from the same platform. You’ll become an efficient orderer with the most advanced features.

  • Manage all of your communications, locations, distributors, and delivers all in one place
  • Save invoices directly on the mobile app
  • Log broken and uncorked bottles
  • Order and receive your bottles in time to serve your guests

See variance reports instantly with full POS integration

By integrating with your POS system, you’ll be able to see your sales and the difference between what was poured vs sold in real time. There is no need to send in your sales separately to a third party. With full integration, everything can be done on one device.

  • Generate and see reports right after hitting the submit button
  • Estimate stock based on sales
  • Compare sales to inventory usage down to the ounce
  • Make sales decisions based on accurate data instead of “guesstimates”
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iphone, liquor bottles, screenshot, beverage inventory management software for hotels

Price any mixed drink with our beverage cost calculator for hotels

Equally important, our recipe costing app provides you with the technology you need to correctly cost your cocktails. You’ll be able to put an end to wasting potential dollars by overpricing your unique recipes. 

  • Save money by identifying costly beverages
  • Get all costs instantly with the touch of a button
  • Create a menu that reflects your budget and goals
  • Get rid of price estimations and guesswork

Why choose WISK to manage your hotel’s bar inventory?

Overall, we know exactly how you feel about inventory management. In fact, we’ve worked with hotel professionals like yourself for years and have heard all types of concerns. That being said, the best thing you can do for your business right now is to ditch pen & paper and other older solutions for something much more powerful. WISK’s bar inventory management software for hotels is your opportunity to put an end to wasted profits, time, and bottles.

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