Automated reports done for you

Automated inventory, consumption, variance,
price, and stock reports for your venue.

Automated inventory, consumption, variance, price, and stock reports for your venue.

Get the data you need
to run a more profitable bar.

Inventory Reports

Once your inventory is submitted, your inventory report is instantly emailed to you and available on your WISK app. You can view your reports, download them (in Excel or PDF format), and sort through them much more easily than with a spreadsheet.

Inventory reports Inventory reports Inventory reports

Variance Reports

The days of comparing your consumption to your sales manually is over. WISK identifies differences between sales and consumption at the family level, category level, and item level. This way, you’ll see where you’re losing money from over-pouring, spillage or theft.

Consumption (COGS)

From one inventory to the next, you will see exactly what was consumed. WISK calculates this by keeping track of your beginning inventory, purchases, and ending inventory, so your consumption is always accurate.

Price Difference Reports

Understand what products have changed prices. Knowing when certain products increase or decrease in cost gives you insight into purchasing and menu creation decisions.

Over-Stock Reports

Most venues have at least 30% over-stock/dead-stock on hand. WISK will help you identify these products so you can run a more efficient bar.

Estimated Stock

Most venues perform inventory weekly. Since WISK can integrate with your POS system, you can rely on theoretical inventory on a daily basis. WISK will automatically subtract the sales from your POS to let you know what you should have left in inventory using your own recipe data.


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