WISK helps you make better decisions so you can run a profitable business

With WISK smart analytics you can see exactly where you are losing money and which items are your money makers. We give you the information you need to run a profitable restaurant so you can adjust your prices if your costs change, and reduce your food waste from over-ordering, and spoilage.

See what's actually selling and where your profits come from

WISK helps you locate all your right data without digging through spreadsheets for wrong information. Reports are instantly produced so you can finally get the data you need to discover growth opportunities, get answers to your questions, and run sophisticated analyses without needing a math degree. Being data-driven and customer-obsessed just became a reality.

Faster Inventory Faster Inventory Faster Inventory

WISK is not your average analytics tool

No more broken formulas and graphs, or manually entering data and formulas in spreadsheets.

WISK gets all the information it needs from:

  • When you take your inventory
  • When you place an order
  • When you enter your invoices (by importing or taking a picture)
  • Your POS
By performing the actions that you already do to run your day-to-day operations, WISK will be able to extract that crucial data in order to give you the insights you need to properly be able to run a more profitable business month over month.

Automated Ordering Automated Ordering Automated Ordering

Being locked into a contract is not the reason you should be using any inventory software

The reality is most solutions on the market enforce long-term contracts, have set up or hidden fees, and force you to speak with an account manager several times before you can even get started. How can you improve your business if you're stuck using a software that you or your staff don't even like?

Automated Ordering Automated Ordering Automated Ordering

Make data-driven decisions without a Math Degree

WISK has all the information you need with the click of a button. In seconds you can view multiple reports such as:

  • Inventory reports
  • Variance
  • Consumption
  • Price Difference
  • Price Costing
  • Dead-Stock
  • Estimated Stock

Analytic and report Analytic and report Analytic and report

Get inventory reports instantly

As soon as you're done taking inventory, your report is instantly emailed to you and your team, in addition to being stored on WISK's platform. You can view your reports, download them (in Excel or PDF format), and sort through them much more easily than with a spreadsheet, while having the flexibility to create custom charts that fit your team's specific needs.

Analytic and report Analytic and report Analytic and report

Compare your sales and consumption with variance reports

Manually comparing your consumption to your sales takes too much time. WISK identifies differences between sales and consumption at the family level, category level, and item level. This way, you’ll see where you’re losing money from over-serving, spoilage or theft. Finally, you will be able to reduce losses in real-time!

Analytic and report Analytic and report Analytic and report

Get consumption reports when you need them

From one inventory to the next, you will see exactly what was consumed. WISK calculates this by keeping track of your beginning inventory, purchases, and ending inventory, so your consumption is always accurate.

Analytic and report Analytic and report Analytic and report

Manage your food costs with price difference reports

By importing invoices in WISK, you can understand which products may have increased in price. Knowing when certain products' cost change gives you key insight into purchasing and menu creation decisions.

Analytic and report Analytic and report Analytic and report

Identify spoilage with overstock reports

Most venues have at least 30% overstock/deadstock on hand. WISK identifies these products so you can run a more efficient kitchen and increase cashflow.

Analytic and report Analytic and report Analytic and report

Daily sales-based estimated stock reports

Most restaurants perform inventory weekly. Since WISK integrates with your POS, you can rely on theoretical inventory on a daily basis. WISK will automatically subtract the sales from your POS to let you know what you should have left in stock using your own recipe data.

Analytic and report Analytic and report Analytic and report

This is why thousands of hospitality professionals love WISK

Fast, efficient, exact, a time-saver. Hear it from our customers first:

What’s the next step?

Download the app and start your first food inventory instantly.

There's no back and forth with an account manager, forced annual commitments, or scheduling a training call.

The most complicated venues can start their inventory on their own with WISK in minutes. We are talking about venues that have over 1 million dollars in wine, venues that have 800 SKUs of food inventory, venues that have 8 people doing inventory simultaneously, and more

  • 14-day free trial
  • Get started instantly
  • On-demand training
  • No setup fees
  • No contracts
  • No hidden fees
  • No cancellation fees
Analytic and report Analytic and report Analytic and report