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Scrambling is just for eggs

Being able to manage all of your beverages, orders, distributors, and deliveries all in one place is made possible with our inventory & order management software. Instead of scrambling through hundreds of emails, phone calls, and messages, you can keep track of all of your communications on one application. With the simplicity of an all-in-one platform, you can ditch pen & paper, Excel, calculators, spreadsheets, and inventory-only apps.

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Turn hours of work into a few minutes with inventory & order management software

We’ve worked as restaurant owners for countless years so we know exactly how busy day to day operations can be. Spending all of your time on inventory order management is not only inefficient for your business, but can wear you out. With our platform, you’ll have more time to manage your staff, come up with new cocktail recipes, create promotions, and even increase sales. 

WISK works to save you time by allowing you to send out your orders, track them, and monitor them from the same screen. On top of that, our inventory & order management software enables you to save your preferred stock lists, so you can reorder your popular beverages each week. As a result, ordering your liquor stock will only take a few minutes of your time.

What makes our inventory ordering system different?

  • Product search for over 50,000 bottles with details, styles, distributors, and more

  • Barcode scanner to pull up product details instantly (using iPhone camera)

  • Order tracking to monitor your liquor inventory every step of the way

  • Notifications for up to date information about your orders

  • Preferred order lists to manage seasonal and best selling products

  • Full order history to keep track of yearly operations and data analytics
iphone, iphone screens, wisk, liquor, inventory & order management software, beverages
screen, online inventory system, wisk, liquor, inventory & order management software, beverages

Featured benefits

  • Manage all of your orders, distributors, locations, and deliveries on one interface

  • Save costs by ensuring all of your products are delivered

  • Easily keep track of lost or late orders

  • Organize your beverages based on top selling items, categories, and more

  • Search, browse, and filter through the products you’re in need of

  • Request information about discounts, samples, and product availability from distributors

Why choose WISK as your inventory ordering app?

We’ve seen the same thing happen over and over again. When managers like yourself order products manually from numerous distributors, problems can arise. Without a proper inventory & order management software, you’ll be subject to over-paying, late or lost deliveries, and overall inefficiency. Managing everything yourself is not only tricky, but incredibly time-consuming. As a restaurant manager or owner, you don’t want to be stuck in the backroom sorting through hundreds of orders where mistakes happen.

To fight this problem, we developed WISK to enable you to oversee and control all of your orders with ease. Product, pricing, delivery, and distributor information can all be accessed with the touch of a button. Your overall profits will be improved as you’ll be able to control spending and know exactly if the right stock has arrived.

Overall, WISK was created by people like you. We understand your problems because we’ve lived them. Join us today to fully transform the way you do bar inventory.

iphone, iphone screens, wisk, liquor, inventory & order management software, beverages
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