Save thousands
per month

Reduce bar spillage by 90%
Decrease bottle deadstock by 30%
Cut down inventory time by 80%

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Who uses WISK?

  • “The valuable data that our
    bar was missing”

    Apartment 200

    Say goodbye to eyeballing

    With our Bluetooth scale integration you can measure inventory with over 98% accuracy, meaning you always know what you have on hand.

    Purchase orders?
    No problem

    WISK lets you anticipate lead times, and automate purchase orders directly from your distributor.

    “WISK has saved us thousands of
    dollars per month”

    Sean at Thompson Hotels

    See variance at a glance

    Quickly see all of the variance in your bar’s inventory, and the tools you need to keep things running smoothly.

    All of your bar’s data at your fingertips

    With WISK you never have to worry about under/over stocking again. We’ll also help optimise drink prices, and let you know when it’s time to place an order.

    “Inventory used to take us 20 hours a week,
    WISK reduced that by 70%”

    Adam at Zappos Theatre

    Huge cost savings

    WISK will help you identify inventory losses and maximize supplier discounts, and you can rest assured that you’ll love us with our
    money back guarantee.

    Full control of your

    See at a glance what you have enough of, and quickly purchase what you don’t.

    Time is money,

    WISK will save you both

    With 80% faster inventory sessions
    WISK will save your team time and money,
    letting you focus on what matters