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Manage your day to day operations with our advanced bar and restaurant management software. From organizing and ordering bottles to recipe costing and beverage analytics, our bar inventory app allows you to take full control of your stock. 

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Need more than just an inventory app for your restaurant or bar? WISK does it all. We stand out from other companies by offering everything you need to run your business successfully.

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The most organized & efficient bar inventory software

Keeping track of alcohol inventory can be a nightmare. However, as a bar or restaurant manager, you can count on it to store all of your data, enabling you to order what’s truly needed. With our beer, wine, and liquor inventory system, you can expect to cut down on inventory time by 80%. You’ll also be able to identify losses and save money by only purchasing stock that’s in demand. Dead stock will no longer be an issue haunting you on a daily basis.

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Stay organized

Our platform allows bar and restaurant managers to choose from a variety of liquors to create their own unique recipes. From there, pricing mixed drinks is painless and stress-free.

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Only order what you need

Save costs by only ordering the exact amount of bottles you need to match sales. You will never order too much or too little again

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Use your desktop or mobile device

Use our bar and restaurant management software from any device. You can rely on our technology from the comfort of your laptop or mobile phone.

The ideal recipe cost calculator for mixed beverages

Which vodka should you use?

Inventory for mixed drinks can be frustrating. Sometimes, there’s just too many products to keep track of. With the help of our recipe costing software, be able to save on costs and reduce waste by not ordering too much or too little.
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Choose from any product

Our platform allows bar and restaurant managers to choose from a variety of liquors to create their own unique recipes. From there, pricing mixed drinks is painless and stress-free.

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Increase ROI

Choose the most cost-effective liquor for your cocktails. Which one will give you the best return on investment? Which one do customers favor more? Get all your questions answered with our bar and restaurant management software.

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Save on costs

You’ll be able to save on costs by not overusing any liquor in your recipes. Our costing platform has accurate measuring for any product in your inventory.

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Ordering & receiving that meets your needs

With the last major feature of our bar and restaurant management software, ordering and receiving your beverages is less of a headache. With our advanced system, you can order the products you need and receive them on time to serve your customers.

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Order from a large online inventory

Our liquor inventory app has a large selection of beverages from all over the world. As a result, you’ll be able to purchase the products you desire.

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Watch your sales grow

When you order purchases using our software, you’ll start seeing results right away. You will no longer have to deal with misplaced orders or a faulty interface again.

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Receive your orders safely

Stop waiting forever to receive your orders. With our platform, you can count on us to get your orders when you need them.

Bar & restaurant sales forecasts made simple

With accurate analytics, you can plan for future growth. Our platform uses machine learning to help you not only purchase the right amount of beer, wine or liquor needed to meet demand, but create promotions and bundles around it.

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Whether it's sunny, snowy, rainy, or cloudy, you'll know how this will affect your sales. Receive precise projections on what your sales will look like based on the weather of a specific day or week. With our bar and restaurant management software, you can plan around the outdoor conditions.

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Preparing your restaurant or bar for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and more, has never been more productive. With up to date insights, you’ll be able to use it to order products that will increase sales on these busy or not so busy days.

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We all know that ordering more popular beverages for an event like the Superbowl is necessary. But, which products should you buy more of if your city’s NBA team is in the finals? With accurate sales forecasting, you can stop guessing and start knowing.

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One of the best ways to grow sales is to create promotions based on what customers are ordering more of. High performing foods and beverages can be bundled together to maximize sales. Don’t let these potential pairings go to waste by letting them go unnoticed.

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