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Bar & restaurant inventory software you can rely on

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Looking for a simple and easy way to make your bar or restaurant more profitable?

Our advanced bar & restaurant inventory software exceeds all expectations. See why users love our beverage inventory app below.

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See how it works

See how it works

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The most intelligent bar & restaurant inventory software

Bar inventory management has never been easier. With the most cultivating technology, our liquor inventory app is designed to help you manage your beverage program efficiently. With WISK, you’ll be able to save on costs and maximize profits by effectively tracking your inventory. Most importantly, you’ll be able to give yourself more time to serve and impress your customers.

Reasons why you need WISK as your bar inventory system:

• Decrease inventory time by 80%

• Eliminate human errors with an accurate Bluetooth scale

• Reduce the amount of dead stock and waste

• Predict the right number of bottles to order to meet demand

• Minimize spillage and over pouring by 90%

• Recognize gains and losses with direct POS integration

• Never run out of stock or popular beverages

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What makes WISK the best restaurant inventory management app?

WISK was built by restaurant owners for restaurant owners. We’ve spent countless hours using pen & paper, Excel sheets, and other outdated software, and decided to build something from the ground up. We’re passionate about making your day to day tasks as simple as possible. With our app, you can easily navigate through your liquor inventory system, making the process 100% stress-free.

The WISK advantage

• Includes a database of 50,000 bottles to choose from

• Contains a barcode scanner to pull data from any bottle

• Offers 24/7 phone support for your convenience

• Integrates with your preferred POS system

• Works in offline mode from any device

• Comes with Bluetooth scale integration

• No long term contracts or obligations

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Why choose WISK for bar and restaurant inventory management?

Our team has spent years working with restaurant and bar owners like yourself. We understand how painful inventory management can be and how daunting using pen & paper, Excel, or apps that just don’t work is. That’s why we’ve created solutions to combat these problems.

With our software, you’ll never have to sort through alphabetical lists, use the “eye-ball” method, or input data into Excel sheets again. You can forget about exporting sales reports from your POS manually and trying to compare that to your consumption reports.

We stand out from our competitors by offering the most unique features. WISK is not just a bar inventory app, but a complete bar manager app. You can use it to do almost anything from weighing your bottles on our liquor inventory scale to ordering and receiving any type of alcohol you desire for your establishment.

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